Charla NexTV 2015 – sobre como esta cambiando el trafico en Internet y las consecuencias

Mi charla:

La agenda del evento:

Preliminar Agenda

Day 1 May 2015, WED 13th
09.00 hs. Welcome Coffee and Opening Ceremony
09.30 hs. Executive Panel I: Change and transformation of the Pay TV business in Latin America in South America
Main Topics: The challenge of new competition. How to face competition from Telcos?New User Interfaces. TV Everywhere and multi screens systems at Home.
Javier Ruete, CEO, TCC
Alberto Pose, Gerente, Unicable
Ariel Hernández, Vicepresidente Ejecutivo, Antina
Eduardo Mandia, ‎Director Comercial y de Programación, Nuevo Siglo Cable TV
10.30 hs. Coffee Break & Networking
11.00 hs. On-net CDN: the key for a profitable OTT strategy
Arnault Lannuzel, Sales Director Latam, Broadpeak
11.30 hs. Reaching New Audiences in Latin America
Alejandro Neri, Director Comercial para Latino América Sur, SES
12.00 hs. Reducing the Complexity of Multi-screen Services
 Leonardo Gioino, Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de Ventas y Marketing, Pontis Technologies
12.30 hs. Lowering OTT cost barriers, without sacrificing security
Ezio Sanchez, Sales Director & GM Brazil, Conax
13.00 hs. Lunch & Networking
14.00 hs. Executive Panel II: New strategies OTT in South America
Main Topics: Mobile devices & OTT strategies. Growth in Latin America. Network neutrality. OTT and Smart TV Partnerships. Exclusive contents. Threat of Global OTTs.
Piracy in OTT systems.
Carlos Hulett Guinand, CEO & founder, VivoPlay
Emilio Martinic, CEO, OTT Chile
Gustavo Castro, Marketing y Contenidos – Servicio On Video, Telefónica de Argentina
Ricardo Nugué, Director, VEOFLIX
Rafael López, CEO, SmartboxTV
15.00 hs. Coffee Break & Networking
15.30 hs. Benefits of User Interface in differentiating Premium Pay TV services from standard ones
Piotr Konczak, Sales Director, Cubiware
16.00 hs. Smarter Monetization Strategies for OTT
Raul Garcia, Regional VP, Latin America, Ooyala
16.30 hs. Telefónica Video strategies in South America
Luis Delamer, Director Video HispAm, Telefónica
17.00 hs. Executive Panel III: The impact of Smart TVs in the TV business
Gustavo Marino, TV Product Marketing Manager, Samsung Electronics
Edgardo Folla, Consumer goods Marketing Manager, Philips TV
Manuel Altman, Contents & Solutions Business Manager, LG Electronics
18.00 hs. SMART TV Raffle
Day 2 May 2015, THU 14th
09.30 hs. Welcome Coffee
10.00 hs. Executive Panel IV: CTOs leaders discuss TV technology trends
Main Topics: Trends and strategies for the use of new technologies.
Competition in a changing ecosystem.
Miguel Fernandez, Gerente Técnico, Cablevisión
Federico de León, CTO, Montecable
Guillermo Bertossi, VP Engineering, Fox International Channels
Jorge Notarianni, Director Ingenieria y Operaciones, The Walt Disney Company
Mariano Primavera, CTO, Qubit TV
11.00 hs. Coffee Break & Networking
11.30 hs. The SDV Approach
Sergio da Silva, Regional Manager – Latin America, Elemental Technologies
12.00 hs. HEVC as the disruptive tool kit for cost competitive offers across networks. Opportunities and challenges
Raul Rivera, VP Sales Caribbean & Latam, Ateme
12.30 hs. How to address the consumer demands for high quality video and “TV Anywhere” through Virtualization.
Ronaldo Dias, Director of Compression Business Development, Ericsson
13.00 hs. Direct-to-Consumer Video: The new scenario
Jerónimo Macanás, VP Latin America and Southern Europe, Accedo
13.30 hs. Lunch & Networking
14.30 hs. Executive panel V: Pay-TV Channels & TV Everywhere
Main Topics: New TV Everywhere strategies vs Pure OTT. Branding and integration in multiscreen systems. Alliances and user validation. OTT vs Premium Services. TV Everywhere and loyalty Pay TV Subscribers.
Gonzalo Hita, Gerente Comercial, Cablevisión Argentina
Pablo Hatcherian, Product and Marketing Manager, Gigared
Roman Guasch, Business Development Director, Turner Broadcasting System Latin America
Ezequiel Ardigó, Director TV Everywhere, A&E Mundo
15.30 hs. Coffee Break & Networking
16.00 hs. Executive Panel VI: Multiscreen strategies for Free to Air operators
Main Topics: New business opportunities. Is there a market of new operators? What should be the strategy? ¿IPTV or OTT? Implementation deadlines.
Daniel Borovsky, Gerente de Operaciones y Técnica, America Medios
Eduardo Goycoolea, Gerente de Negocios Otras Plataformas, TVN
Jouari Santiago, Director of Sales for Latin America, The Platform
17.00 hs. Online Video: How is changing the internet traffic and some consequences…
Martín Ortiz, Project Manager, Telecom
17.30 hs. Executive Panel VII: TPay TV for Telecom operators in Argentina
Main topics: Argentina opens TV to Telecom Operators. IPTV & Pay TV. Regulatory limits. New business opportunities. Is there a market for newcomers?
What should be the strategy? ¿IPTV or OTT? Implementation deadlines. Packages.
Horacio Martinez, Presidente, Datco
Ariel Fernández Alvarado, Gerente General, Cooperativa Telviso
Dario Oliver, Gerente General, Telpin
18.15 hs. SMART TV Raffle and closing ceremony

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